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More than a few times over recent months, I’ve gotten either a phone call or an email from someone with an existing website or in the middle of building a new one and who has some Google search-related concerns.

As an example, a couple of weeks ago, I got the following email enquiry from a local business which went as follows:

Hi I have a new website, however there are problems with the page, seo analysis reports too slow, java css file issues etc. Page is not ranking on Google. I was originally with site123 for years and was ranking great but I neded to get a new site but since business was transferred across its not ranking at all. I’ve lost practically all revenue.

I sent a quick email follow-up to find out the web address of the site so I could see what SEO was put in place and was somewhat surprised to be told this about the developer who was still working on the site:

He’s not all up to speed on Seo so I’ll come back to you when I know more this week.

It was hard to know what to say to this client…. but being up to speed on SEO is a fundamental skillset for anyone being paid to build websites for someone.

Especially where an *online store is concerned.

Which was and is the case here.

*If you’re offering professional services or are a tradesman, your business probably won’t sink or swim based on your website’s SEO as you can network, build up contacts and leads in person, get referrals etc.

So you’re not 100% dependant on your website for sales.

However for an online store, you are almost totally dependant on site traffic for sales.

And as an online store is probably competing with Amazon and Etsy and eBay and every other similar-industry online store out there, your site needs to have optimal SEO in place from the ground up just to stand a fighting chance.

This means ensuring important search terms are ideally part of your web address, online store category names, product names, product image names, product descriptions, cross links, inbound links, blog content and so on.

Trying to address SEO concerns after launch when you realise your site is not performing is so much harder to do than incorporating it into the site build in the first place.

So for any new website, especially an eCommerce website, make sure and have an SEO discussion with your developer to ensure you maximise free, organic traffic post-launch.


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