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The 7th Habit of Highly-Effective Website Owners

The 7th Habit of Highly Effective Website Owners

The 7th and final Habit of Highly-Effective Website Owners is the simplest but not necessarily the easiest.

They Discipline themselves to Do More, Consistently…

It’s January 1st today so many of us will set goals, make resolutions and we also know that many of us will have eased up on these newly planned commitments by month-end.

By February month-end, they may be forgotten altogether. 

 Some of these resolutions will involve health and fitness and every January, we see new gym memberships spike, class attendance numbers peak and then everything reverts to normal.

Highly-effective people in any walk of life are effective not because they put in a crazy amount of effort for a short period of time but because they put in a worthwhile amount consistently.

This is why discipline is more important than motivation.

Motivation is what gets you to the gym class in January for the first 2 weeks, discipline is what will keep getting you there after the New Year’s resolution buzz has faded.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.”

I said at that start of this post that this 7th Habit is the simplest but not necessarily the easiest because there’s no technical expertise required so it’s simple in that sense.

However, the discipline of taking the same action repeatedly until it becomes a habit is not necessarily easy.

But that’s the good news – any new commitment only requires discipline for a certain period of time, between 21 and 90 days depending on your source, before that commitment activity becomes a habit and the level of discipline required drops at that point and it’s easier to maintain momentum.

Suggested areas which could be looked at on a regular basis:

  • Choose a social media platform to post on daily
  • If you are already posting somewhere daily, add another platform
  • Create an ad from a social media post once a month
  • Start adding news items to your website, initially monthly
  • Start sending out an email newsletter to clients, initially quarterly
  • Use Google Ads once a quarter to drive additional traffic
  • Every week, ask some clients to give you an online review
  • Attend a networking or trade event once a quarter

If you take up exercise and stick with it, there won’t necessarily be a visible result immediately.

However, after 3 months, you will feel better for it.

After 6 months people start noticing and in 12 months, you will have made major changes.

Online promotional activity for your business is no different

Social media algorithms are designed to reward consistency, Google’s SEO algorithm rewards new content being added to your site, your business network will respond to hearing from you more regularly and your own business confidence will increase from putting yourself out there more often and seeing the benefits your activity delivers.

So, take the first 6 of these Habits, choose the ones which make the most sense for your own situation and then do more, consistently…

Hope you’ve enjoyed these 7 Habits of Highly-Effective Website Owners and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them throughout 2023!


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