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The 1st Habit of Highly Effective Website Owners

The 1st Habit of Highly Effective Website Owners

They Regularly Update Content…

So you’ve launched your new site and you’re thinking, “Hurrah, that new site build took some time and effort… but now that it’s live, I can kick back and let it do its thing!”

You could do that… and a well-built site will deliver a certain amount of results.

But we’re not talking about what many people would do, we’re talking about what a highly effective site owner would do.

And they see their new site as a platform for getting more content out there to their target audience in order to generate more leads for their business.

That means they will consistently add new content to the site, such as:

  • a new company product? They update their product offering so their audience knows about every product available to them.
  • a new company service? Their services section gets updated and when Google crawls their content, this new service appears in organic search results.
  • new staff members? They update their team profiles so everyone can see they are a growing, successful business.
  • attending an industry event? They add a news/blog post providing stand details or other info which will help them make new connections. 
Every new blog post will have tags associated with the post which also increases organic search performance.

Highly effective site owners add more than just additional text content. 

For example, video content can be quickly added to blog posts and will be indexed by Google and turn up in video search results. 

Downloadable PDFs with tech specs or how-to guides will also be indexed by Google and provide your customers with extra support.

When adding new pages to your site, please ensure you update your site map and upload it to Google Search Console for maximum benefit.

The maxim “Content is King” still holds true and that’s why Highly Effective Site Owners regularly review and update their own site content.

Stay tuned for Habit no. 2 tomorrow!


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