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The 3rd Habit of Highly Effective Website Owners

The 3rd Habit of Highly Effective Website Owners

They Leverage Social Media & Newsletters…

Some of our clients ask whether there’s some sort of choice they should be making between their website and their social media accounts and whether they should focus on one over the other.

We would see them both as part of one overall digital marketing approach as they are both seeking to deliver the same end goals – leads, sales and revenue. 

However, we would see your website and your social media accounts approaching your business goals from two different directions.

While websites with great SEO work wonderfully well to deliver customers who are actively searching for your products or services, not every purchase is necessarily planned out in advance and searched for on Google.

Many purchases happen because someone was presented with a product or service which resonated with them in some way at a particular moment in time and that someone then acted on what has been presented to them by expressing an interest or making a purchase.

And this is where social media is very effective – presenting your products or services to someone who is not necessarily actively looking for them but who sees your content, stops their scroll and then follows-up in some way.

Highly Effective Website Owners understand this and so they use their social media account as additional lead funnels and sales channels.

If they have an online store, they will ensure that Habits 1 & 2 are taken care of and ensure they have maximised their organic search traffic and their website conversion rate.

But they won’t stop there, they will also put out content across all their social media channels which is relevant to their target audience. This will drive leads and sales either directly from within their social media accounts ( eg tagged Products in Instagram ) or their social media content will drive traffic to their website.

Highly Effective Website Owners understand that you need to be where your audience is and so if a large percentage of their target audience is spending time on social media platforms, then that is where they will be active too.

They also understand that not all traffic needs to be converted into a sales immediately as an email capture onto a mailing list also counts as a conversion.

They understand that their mailing list is a source of future leads and so they use it to maintain contact with existing clients as well as with people who have expressed enough interest in their product or service to provide them with an email address.

Ultimately, Highly Effective Website Owners understand that while a great website can deliver sales and great social media activity and newsletters can also deliver sales, the two approaches together become more than the sum of their parts and can increase leads and sales exponentially.

3 Habits down, 4 more to go!


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