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Frequently Asked Web Design and Digital Marketing Questions

Based on our extensive web design and digital marketing experience, we are well-placed to answer any web design, social media or online marketing questions you may have.

Some of the more common queries are listed on this page but if you don’t find your question there, please reach out to us on (046) 906 0153 or via email using

We’ve almost all seen ads for ‘Build Your Own Website’ tools such as Wix or Squarespace and it does seem to make the whole process really simple!

Some straighforward ‘drag and drop’ steps for including images, quickly add some nice headings along with som text and hey presto, one professional (?) website delivered!

Only this type of process seriously undersells what a web designer actually does. Just taking SEO as one key component of a website; we would spend considerable time evaluating everything from ideal target audience to domain names, site structure and URLs to image names, all to ensure the site maximises the free, organic traffic once the site is launched.

Without SEO experience, a DIY approach will fail you in this area. And the same is true of other areas too numerous to go through here. I remember pricing motorbike helmets once and asking the guy in the shop how much I should spend. “How much do you value your head?”, was his reply.

So how much do you value your business?

Yes, we wouldn’t be a Shopify Partner if we didn’t believe in the platform. Based on our own experience of building online stores using various ecommerce platforms, Shopify is the most flexible, feature-rich and the most complete option available. It allows your store live very quickly and comes with all the tools you need to design, run and promote a successful store.

We always say that you should promote your business where your customers are active. And so it follows that you should choose the social media platforms that best match your target audience. So think about what social media platforms your ideal customer is likely to be using and promote your products and services there.

Many Facebook Business Page owners experienced significant growth and engagement when they first started. However over time, Facebook has reduced the organic reach of your posts so less people are seeing your content. Additionally, many Facebook users may now be spending their time on Instagram or TikTok. So you’re not doing anything wrong, the world has just changed!

While you could argue that social media is now more important, we would say that the best digital marketing approach is to have the 2 working in partnership. Social Media is great at bringing your new content to the attention of existing or new followers as they scroll through their feeds. Websites are great at getting your content to potential new customers who are actively searching for a solution on Google. Many people who find out about you on social media will then visit your website to find out more about who you are and your products/services. So use them both!

Yes. Unless you’re a well-known celebrity, it is hard work trying to organically grow your Social Media audience. You need great content to hopefully generate great engagement and shares to try and reach new followers and that all takes time and effort. So it makes sense to set aside some ad budget to promote your strongest content to a specific target audience. Leave your posts for a day or two and promote those posts which seem to resonate with your audience as those are likely to be the ones worth spending ad budget on.

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