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Time for a rebrand!

With everything else we took on this year between our social media agency launch, our online store launch as well as an office move, you’d think we’d be crazy to take on a website rebuild of our own webmakers site. I mean, if’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?  However, it’s like the point about drinking water, if you wait until you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated! So rather than wait for your website to stop performing, then wondering why that’s the case for a while, before finally making changes which take time, wouldn’t it be better to be proactive and to be constantly looking to improve your web presence instead?  There’s a reason Guinness, McDonalds and top car brands constantly advertise. If you drop off people’s radar, it’s far harder to get back up there. And design styles change. And how people consume content changes. And the devices they use to consume content changes. And the content itself changes format. And your target audience is changing. For those reasons, it makes perfect sense to also change – and so we did. For our webmakers relaunch, we decided to strip the site back a little so that all our web services could be easily digested on one page with just a short overview on each – rather than giving various services their own individual pages. There will be an SEO hit for that … but we wanted to deliver better usability for site visitors and not have them having to move around the site as much.  Especially important for mobile device users which is why this site is a true mobile-first design and build. Our promotional approach will also change as part of this relaunch. For example, an increased use of landing pages for lead generation will negate any SEO impact. We will utilise social media more so that we present our services to our target audience rather than wait for them to go looking for those services and letting SEO take care of lead gen. Our website design style is now more graphics based rather than photographic and we reimagined our logo to complement this design style. We’re delighted with the outcome and we hope you like it too.  We’ll be eagerly watching our Google Analytics over the coming weeks to assess the impact of this change – and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! Mark

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