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Give Your SEO A Boost

Give Your SEO A Boost

As managers of a website or even business owners, getting your website seen is one of the biggest hurdles faced in bringing new customers.  This is where your SEO comes in, at times it can be a little tedious and time consuming but if done correctly it can have your website soar to the top of the Google SERPs.  What can we do in terms of SEO? Well, we can:

  • Optimize tags
  • Optimize descriptions
  • Insert more keywords
  • Create content worth sharing

Of course there are many more aspects to SEO, that is just a few.  Today we will look at one of the more difficult aspects:  Link building or Backlinks.

So, just incase you are unaware, Backlinks are links to your website from another (not your own).  In Google’s process of determining where each site gets put on the SERPs, Google will analyze the backlinks to the website.  Backlinks are one of the harder elements of SEO to get right because to have another site link to yours, you would have needed to build your product up to a certain point so others will trust that it is worth their endorsement.  Obviously that takes time, you don’t just start out and instantly have an amazingly well known product.

So to help you along the way, some people online are offering to create backlinks to your website in bulk. Thousands at a time, for a fee.  Surely it’s worth a go?  There’s no harm in giving this complete stranger my hard earned money to create links to my website is there?

It definitely isn’t worth a go.

The way Google looks at the backlinks is a “quality over quantity” method.  In Google’s eyes, all websites aren’t equal.  Google ranks some websites higher than others, and just 1 link from a high ranking site could be worth the same, if not more than the links that you would pay that nice stranger for.

But what’s the harm?  Google will penalize you for exchanging links for cash, it is essentially cheating and Google will take a dim view of anything of the kind.  But there are ways for you to give your SEO and backlinks a bit of a boost without Google feeling cheated.

Online directories.  These may almost be a thing of the past, but for now online directories are a great way to create backlinks yourself.  All you need to do is find a directory, input your information (not forgetting a URL to your website) and submit.  You can do this as many times as you feel you need to, on as many different directories, most directories are free and some will offer perks to paid members.

If you would like more information on SEO or on any other kind of website building, let us know.  Or if you have your website already built and need help with your social media presence, our sister company Socially will be of great help to you if needed.