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Why your website is no longer enough…

Why your website is no longer enough…

Our ongoing review of web site visitor statistics over the past 2 years has indicated one clear trend – web site visitors have fallen by as much as 50% on sites which are primarily dependant on Google search for their traffic.

Declining website traffic means a decline in enquires leading to a decline in leads and sales – not a sustainable scenario for any business.

This decline in web site traffic is not an issue which can be resolved by trying to improve your site’s SEO performance on Google – as this is not an SEO issue to begin with.

So what is going on with these sites?

People’s online behaviour has fundamentally changed.

If we go back a few years, people were primarily using desktops and laptops and were using Google seaches to find websites, products and services.

However the rapid migration since then towards the use of mobile devices ( smartphones and tablets ) has meant that people are spending much more of their online time within social media apps.

And one of the fundamental rules of any product or service promotion, you need to be where your customers are.

So if your customers are now spending most of their time online within Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and are clicking through to sites which appear in their social media newsfeeds, then you need to be there too.

Apart from social media, your customers are still using email so they can be reached there too and newsletters are still very effective. Businesses can generate immediate results with a good mailing list and a strong promotional offer delivered via email newsletter.

You could combine your mailing list with your social media account by creating a Custom Audience within Facebook for example.

So how many of the following are you doing?

  • Have you created any social media accounts for your business?
  • Are you putting content out on any social media platform?
  • Are you boosting your posts on Facebook etc?
  • Do you write blog posts which could be shared?
  • Would you have a list of email addresses for your customers?
  • Do you ever boost traffic with a Google AdWords promotion?

When we review the web site visitor statistics of those clients who support their web site by social media promotion, by email newsletters or by additional paid advertising, we see that their overall visitors are significantly higher than those who don’t.

In simple terms, one group is growing their online presence while the other is standing still or slowly sliding backwards.

The people you need to reach are using social media and they are reading their emails – so you need to be using those channels too.

For advice on what social media channels might be appropriate to your business or how you might put a newsletter in place or whether Google AdWords is for you, give any one of our team a shout on hello@webmakers.ie and we’ll be happy to assist.