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webmakers re-launch responsive United Nations website

webmakers re-launch responsive United Nations website

UN PRME LogoA key element in any long-term, successful online strategy is to revisit your offering on a regular basis. The United Nations-backed PRME ( Principles for Responsible Management Education ) initiative has always committed time and budget to reviewing their www.unprme.org web site presence.

With 540+ active signatories across over 80 countries, the daily impact of this global initiative needs to be supported by their web site across a wide range of areas including resources, reporting and access to information.

Over the past number of months, there has been a substantial redevelopment of the site with the key deliverables including:

  • A ‘responsive’ web site presence for smartphone and tablet users;
  • Greater visibility for PRME signatories and stakeholders;
  • Easier access to relevant resources and tools; and
  • Improved network capabilities through easy access to information about meetings and projects.

It is always rewarding to work with the PRME team on any project as they are extremely professional, capable, responsive ( no pun intended ) and courteous in all their dealings. These qualities help to ensure that every project we collaborate with them on is a pleasure to be involved in.

So thanks to Merrill, Jonas and Theresa on the client side and not forgetting Alan and Iain on the development side for this successful re-launch.

A true thanks to the webmakers team for their hard work and commitment to making the relaunch of the www.unprme.org website a success. Not only do we have a great new look, but the new responsive functionality of the website ensures that everyone around the world who visits our site can more easily access important information and resources, which is the heart of our work.

Ms. Merrill Csuri, Manager, PRME Secretariat, Senior Advisor, PRME Champions