Introducing, a fresh approach to Navan web design... - webmakers
Introducing, a fresh approach to Navan web design…

Introducing, a fresh approach to Navan web design…

Introducing webmakers.ieFollowing 10 years of success with clickstream, it was time to take stock. Following many discussions with my business coach ( thanks for listening John ) and with industry peers, I decided over Christmas and the New Year to tear up the script and rethink our whole approach as to what we do and how we do it…

For a few years now, I was aware that the whole web industry had been changing immeasurably, I mean Twitter didn’t exist at all before 2006 and the iPad has only been with us since 2010!

So if the whole web space has been changing direction around us, why weren’t we changing direction as well?

What needed to change? Well for starters, the range of web products and services that are now relevant to our clients has exploded. Once upon a time, when discussing a business owner’s web presence, all that needed to be discussed was their web site.

Now those discussions involve their web site, how important might mobile be to them and do they need a responsive version ( the answer is yes, they do ), do they need an AdWords promotional campaign for their web site, are they using social media ( they should be ), what social media channels would work best for them, what is their social media engagement strategy, will they run Facebook campaigns…enough already, you get the idea.

And our clients’ own requests had become more diverse to reflect these industry changes. We now provide social media solutions for people who already have web sites, we provide web sites for people who already use Facebook, we provide email newsletter solutions to people who already have web sites and social media – solutions are now tailored to the clients’ specific needs at that moment in time.

So having listened to what are clients were asking for and in order to deliver these tailored solutions, it made sense to radically change how we offered our services to clients.

And so were born, and…three brands providing three different solutions.

One brand for all your web design requirements, one brand for all your social media needs and one brand delivering online advertising and promotion consulting services.

Each brand will have its own identity and as time goes by, each will evolve in its own unique and independent way.

As a new business year begins, we are excited about growing these brands and helping our clients grow with us.