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HSE Ransomware Attack

HSE Ransomware Attack

As many of us have seen over the recent days, the effects of the HSE ransomware attack have been and continue to be quite damaging.  The attack caused the HSE servers and systems to be powered down for a period of time and has also caused the loss of certain information on patients and others included in HSE funded organisations.  This attack has also become a GDPR nightmare, not only were patients details lost, but they have also been used to prey on the vulnerable in a new wave of spam attacks on the country.

People all over Ireland are receiving calls, emails and texts from spam numbers encouraging people to hand over bank information due to an “over payment” and they are due to be refunded.  A high court injunction has been been approved to stop these types of phishing communications in the future.  Micheal Martin suggests their has been no significant data dump..yet.

So what does the future hold for the HSE?  Well, nothing good.  The HSE could face a fine of up to €1 million due to the GDPR breach.  A privacy expert has said:

Given how outdated the HSE’s systems are, this whole situation is an opportunity for them to get their house properly in order.

The HSE has admitted that it may be weeks before systems are fully restored.