Stripe-powered payments delivered for UN PRME - webmakers
Stripe-powered payments delivered for UN PRME

Stripe-powered payments delivered for UN PRME

The Principles for Responsible Management Education were developed in 2007 by an international task force of sixty deans, university presidents and official representatives of leading business schools and academic institutions.

Under the coordination of the UN Global Compact and leading academic institutions, the PRME task force developed a set of six principles which lay the foundation for the global platform for responsible management education.

webmakers and PRME

webmakers are proud of our long-term association with PRME since its inception including the very first PRME web site which outlined the six principles and the long-term goals of PRME.

Over the years, we have maintained a close working relationship with the very many PRME team members who have helped co-ordinate the ongoing development of the platform so that it served both the schools and the PRME team, particularly around the area of reporting.

PRME and Stripe

The latest site development has seen webmakers implement a Stripe-powered online payments system which allows supporting organisations and schools all around the world submit contributions to PRME.

We hope this latest site enhancement contributes to the ongoing and future success of this wonderful UN program and we look forward to working with the PRME team on further developments.